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I'm Only Allowed Upstairs

I'm Hannah and I like netflix, milk, and the ladies of SNL.

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New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

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So, the Muppets have been posting selfies on their Instagram.


I feel like the eye of a storm. It’s overwhelming. I want to take a minute and talk this out.

Before I go into this, I should acknowledge the situation of being singled out by a male comedian. Yes, it sucks, and I do consider it sexual harassment, and I am going to confront him, but it will be…

My beautiful, hilarious, talent, amazing, kind, graceful friend wrote this eloquent, moving response to events she encountered the past few weeks while performing stand-up comedy. It’s worth a read. 

Here be my latest stand-up. It’s also my first time wearing shorts this season so it was an exciting night!

Here’s my latest stand-up, y’all. 

Here’s my second attempt at stand-up comedy. So…mhm yep okay!